cr-pak tins

cr-pak airtight tins are perfect for flower and edibles bringing your offering into full ASTM and CPSC compliance for child safety. Tins are available in one standard diameter and three different heights. cr-pak tins are fully customizable including color, finish and imprinted decoration.


cr-pak tin:25

The cr-pak tin:25 is designed to hold an 1/8th (3.5g) of flower, edibles and other small items.
Works well with: mints, tablets, gummies, flower, and other small items.

cr-pak tin:40

The cr-pak tin:40 is designed to hold a 1/4 (7g) of flower, medium-sized edibles and other small items.
Works well with: flower, gummies, chews, and chocolates.

cr-pak tin:140

The cr-pak tin:140 is designed to hold larger items.
Works well with: cookies, honey sticks and larger all-in-one vaporizers up to 138mm long.